Photo: Van Adam Davis | V.A. Davis Photography
Liz Weickum is a freelance Graphic Designer and Visual Artist from the Pacific Northwest, currently residing in Seattle, WA. Her art has been displayed at gallery shows, festivals, and concerts in Washington State, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana through live painting and vending. Her style is best described as minimal, color rich, urban pop-surrealism with emotional undertones. Her artwork is heavily influenced by her love of music, her life experiences, and a desire to create the things she wished existed. The inspiration behind a large majority of her work is inspired by song titles and lyrics she connects with and often times she creates a visual interpretation through her artwork to represent the feelings they evoke in her. Her biggest style influences come from street art, anime, and surrealism. Her main artistic mediums are traditional and digital illustration and painting. She aspires to inspire and empower others through art. 
On the design side, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design & Technology, Las Vegas in 2011. She has worked with a variety of clients in the non-profit, film & video, nightlife, and music industries both independently and while employed at various design studios. 
Her specialties include print & web design, illustration, logo design/branding, editorial design, typography, image retouching, and photo manipulation.
How to get in touch: | @LizWeickumArt
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